Past Work


Summary of Events During the year 2015-16

  • Diabetes Awareness Education and Detection Camps

  • Diabetes Education Campaigns

  • Doctors training for Management of Diabetes

  • Hand holding of doctors through use of Skype

  • Doctors and Paramedical worker training for management of Hepatitis

  • Awareness campaigns for Diabetes and Hepatitis

  • Yoga Camps

  • Yoga Teachers training program

  • Exclusive OPD of Type 1 Diabetes at Swasthya and in Bhuj

  • Participated in Food For Change Event

  • Participated in BMS Partners Meet in Mumbai

1. Activities carried out during year 2015-16

1.1 Stop Diabetes Project

1.1.1 Awareness Education and Detection Camps:

We have conducted 25 Diabetes Awareness, Education and Detection Camps, out of which 10 were in Ahmedabad and 15 were outside Ahmedabad in rural area. Total 4530 people were screened for Diabetes in this camps. Those detected with Diabetes were given free Diabetes Awareness booklets. People attending the camp has also attended an educational program from Diabetologist.

1.1.2 Education Campaigns:

Diabetes Education program has been conducted on daily basis at Swasthya Diabetes Care, which is open for all and free for all. Total 298 such programs has been conducted in this year. Diabetes awareness lectures were also conducted in Bhuj Leuva Patel Hospital, Kutch on last Sunday of every month.

Apart from daily educational program at Swasthya and 25 educational program in the camps, we had arrange 24 Diabetes educational program in community gatherings.

1.1.3 Doctors training for Management of Diabetes:

Total 8 Doctor training programs were conducted in the year. Doctors were trained in various aspects of management of Diabetes and also recent advances in management of Diabetes. Total 256 doctors were trained for Diabetes Management

1.1.4 Hand holding of doctors through use of Skype:

Under the Conquer Diabetes Project, we had developed a system for Handholding of doctors through use of Skype - a cost effective communication medium. We continue the system established under banner of Stop Diabetes project. Doctors at periphery are getting support from experts of AIIDR in management of difficult to treat diabetes cases. It saves time, money and energy of patients.

1.1.5 Awareness campaigns for Diabetes:

Diabetes awareness campaigns run throughout the year. It involves distribution of pamphlets, posters and banners. During the years 4 programs were conducted on Television, which were telecasted in whole Gujarat. 6 Diabetes awareness articles where published in various newspapers in Ahmedabad edition.

1.1.6 Yoga Camps:

During the year 4 yoga camps of 10 days duration where organized to motivate people for healthy lifestyle. total 855 people have participated in the yoga camps.

1.1.7 Yoga Teachers training program

During the year one Yoga teachers training program was conducted in associated with Shivanand Ashram. Total 20 persons has participated in the program. They are supposed to teach yoga in their respective areas.

1.2 Make My Life - An innovative project for children with Type 1 Diabetes

1.2.1 Exclusive OPD of Type 1 Diabetes at Swasthya and in Bhuj:

Exclusive OPD for Type 1 Diabetes children is conducted at free of Cost on every 2nd and 4th Saturday at Swasthya Diabetes Care and every last Sunday at Bhuj Leuva Patel Hospital, Kutch. Non affording children also gets free insulin and free of cost Laboratory reports on OPD days. Total number of beneficial children during the year 2015-16 were 105 in Bhuj and 240 in Ahmedabad OPD.


Type 1 Diabetes children and their parents meet was organized on 12th September 2015. It includes competitions, games, drama (with a message), gifts and prize distribution to all the children to impart the education in a fun-filled and entertaining atmosphere. The meet is totally free for children with diabetes along with their parents. Travel expenses are given to needy patients. 23 children along with their parents had participated in this program.

1.2.3 Marriage Bureau For Type 1 Diabetes:

Due to social stigma attached with the type 1 diabetes, such children face many hurdles for their marriage or they have to do compromise at one or other level. For the first time in the world we have started marriage counselling cum marriage bureau for children with type 1 diabetes in the year 2014. We have received many bio-data from all part of India as well as abroad. Majority of those are from girls. We are successful in tying a note of 5 Type 1 Diabetes in year 2015-16. Among them, in 2 couples both are type 1, while in 1 couple counterpart is healthy.

1.3 "Project Shravan - Save a Leg" Project:

Diabetic foot disease is known to be a major cause of morbidity and is a leading cause of non traumatic amputation. More than 90% of limb can be saved from amputation if timely diagnosis is done with modern instruments and proper treatment is given. We are providing our expert services to diabetic foot patients either free or at affordable rate to prevent foot amputation. We also organized diabetic foot screening camps. We are spreading awareness related to diabetic foot in general population.

Project Shravan was launched at Swaminarayan gurukul, Ahmedabad on 14/6/2015. Unique concept of reviving Indian culture in which son / daughter take care of their father / mother is incorporated for Diabetic foot care. In this project training is given to children of diabetic patients for how to take care of feet of their parents/ grandparents and thus prevent amputations. On the day 108 pairs of two generation came together, where younger generation has washed their parents/ grandparents feet and get knowledge of foot care. The trained people are supposed to spread the message of foot care in their vicinity.

1.4 Free treatment to patients

We provide treatment to needy diabetic patients either free of cost or at affordable rate. We have supplied medicines/ Insulin free of cost to 20 children of type 1 DM and 5 patients with type 2 DM.

1.5 Participated in Food For Change Event

Daanotsav - Food For Change event was organized on 2nd October 2015. Food For Change 2015 was an event where Gujarat’s more than 20 NGOs participated for the fund raising for the specific causes. Ahmedabad’s top hotels served their special food dishes and more than 3000 people participated for the food and musical program. Main focus for participation in event is to raise fund for Make My Life project and Save a Leg project. We also take this opportunity for networking with Donors of other NGOs.

1.6 Conquer Hepatitis B (Improving access to diagnostic and preventive services for Hepatitis B in Rural areas of Gujarat)

1.6.1 Doctors and Paramedical worker training for management of Hepatitis:

Under the Conquer Hepatitis Project 2 days full time training was given to Government medical officers of Mehsana and Sabarkantha districts, Topics covered include Management of Hepatitis B- During Pregnancy and post-partum period and Babies born to Hepatitis B positive mothers, Clinical and laboratory evaluation of Hepatitis B Patients, Bio-Medical Waste Management, Management of Hepatitis B- Adults, Standard Precautions, Primary and secondary prevention & Occupational Health issues in Hepatitis-B. Total 148 Goverment medical officers were trained.

Under the same project training of 283 Government paramedical workers were given for various aspects of prevention and management of Hepatitis B, in two blocks each of Mehsana and Sabarkantha districts.

1.6.2 Awareness campaigns for Hepatitis:

Under Conquer Hepatitis project, Hepatitis B awareness was done in Mehsana and Sabarkantha district through distribution of pamphlets, banners and posters. Also Paramedical workers trained in project, helps in spreading Hepatitis B awareness during their house to house activities.

1.6.3. Screening of Antenatal women for Hepatitis B:

Total 2200 antenatal women from Mehsana and Sabarkantha were screened for Hepatitis B status. They were also been educated for prevention of Hepatitis B in future.

1.7. Participated in BMS Partners Meet:

AIIDR team Dr Mayur Patel, Dr Yash Patel, Dr Ina Patel and Dr Sushil Patel had participated in BMS Partners meet organized in October 2015 in Mumbai. During the meeting information about Conquer Hepatitis and Conquer Diabetes is shared with all the participants. We also take this opportunity to learn public health activities carried out by other participant.