Dr. Mayur Patel

Dr Mayur Patel:

  • Since 1977, a span of 40 years he has served thro ’various positions, from NSS leader to chairman of community projects.

  • As a Leader of NSS: Organised Diagnostic Camps, “Know Your Body camp, various Flood and Drought Relief camps

  • After his graduation: 21 Blood Donation Camps, 55 Medical Camps in Rural and Urban Slums,10000 people benefited

  • Chairman – Swasthya- Yash Diabetes Specialities Centre

  • Chairman – All India Institute of Diabetes & Research

  • Charman- community projects: Stop Diabetes, Conquer Diabetes, Make My Life, Project Shravan – Save a Leg.

  • Working with Government of Gujarat, focusing on Rural, urban slums and Tribal

  • Advocacy with government officials, made diabetic drugs & glucometers available throughout the state and started incentives to ASHA workers for detecting diabetes cases

  • Received 12 awards in medico social field